Online Strategy course. Support.


During the course, you will work out the knowledge of the Strategy 1.0 and Strategy 2.0 courses based on indicator analysis, VSA analysis, market movement by Wyckoff, through graphical and cluster analysis with clear inputs, goals and stops.

To practice setting a position, managing it based on market cycles and critical volumes.

Four trading weeks with the application of the acquired knowledge, with the clear support of curators, will give you confidence in trading in a thin market.

The opportunity to take part in the game "FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH" will give you a feeling of confidence of earning from trading.

On the course "Strategy. Support" you will trade using a ready-made unique trading system that you studied at the Strategy 1.0 and Strategy 2.0 courses

. You will use this system in practice under the guidance of chat curators for 4 weeks

Recall the theory

Market overview globally through strategy

Trading in chats by instruments

Review of trading moments on the air

Results of the 2nd week of the game "FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH"

Results of the 1st week of the game "FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH"

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