Online course Taxes in Investments


Express course "Taxes in investments"

it will help you navigate the taxation of most exchange-traded instruments

, tell you about the possibility of optimizing taxes and the timing of their payment, which will eventually lead to an increase in the overall profitability of the trading strategy

, help you understand when a broker will report for you, and when it needs to be done independently

, step by step demonstrate the process of filling in 3-personal income tax: to receive a deduction for the IIS, to declare dividends from foreign issuers, income on currency, cryptocurrency and other instruments.

The course includes:

Taxation of shares and dividends from them

Taxation of bonds, Eurobonds and coupons

Taxation of derivatives of derivatives market (futures and options)

Taxation of funds

Taxation of currency

Legislative framework

When? Where to? How? report to an investor in the Russian Federation

Procedure and terms of tax payment


Initial acquaintance with the investor's income declaration software:

- Program Declaration (example of filling)

- taxpayer's personal account (example of filling in)

Practice. Example of reflecting income/expenses on various financial instruments

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