A house on the lake. Online mini-course by Irina Glazunova


Friends, the mini-course "House on the Lake" is a few lessons of my authorship, in which we learn to realistically depict the water surface.

Water is not an easy object to image. There are a lot of highlights, reflexes, shadows on its surface.

I will introduce you to some rules and tricks that you need to know in order to master the mastery of the image of the water element.

— We will get acquainted with the basic rules in drawing water;

— We will learn how to create a realistic image of the water surface with the help of strokes of different densities and humidity;

— I will tell you about the features of the transmission of reflections;

— Consider the principles and schemes of constructing reflections;

— Learn how to write reflections from dark and light objects.

What will be on the course?

Detailed video tutorials

Lessons in high quality, which will be available to you immediately after payment. You can watch them at any convenient time.

Teacher's help

Depending on the package, a teacher works with you on the course, who checks your work and gives feedback.


You can choose to access a mini-course for 1 or 1.5 months and study at a comfortable pace.

Communication with fellow students

Communicate and ask questions on the learning platform

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