Maria Artti, author of the course:

Watercolour artist

Hello everyone

I am Maria Artti. Artist, watercolorist and tireless sketcher. I like to depict flowers, nature and unusual textures. Of course, floral motifs inspire me the most. Delicate shades, silky petals, beautiful inflorescences. I draw them from nature and from photos, in watercolors and in graphics.

I love to draw in sketchbooks, notebooks, on huge sheets and walls.

I like to mix materials and use "special effects": watercolor + colored pencils, salt, scratching.

I think that everyone can draw. The main thing is to really want and find a good guide to the world of art.

Who is leading the course?

I have long been convinced that the only sure way to achieve results is action! And this is my motto in life!

"Dreams become reality when thoughts turn into action."

I have a long, amazing and full of discoveries creative path behind me. Yes, of course, there were mistakes, there were disappointments, dissatisfaction with myself and even moments of despair, but the inner fire, and such an inner quality as purposefulness, did not allow me to break down on the way to achieving my goal.

I am happy that I was able to realize myself in a creative profession.

And if you ask me why I draw, I won't hesitate to answer that I can't do without it. After all, creativity gives incredible freedom, a feeling of fullness and harmony!

Since I am a giving person, I like to give people only joy and positive emotions. Therefore, you can be sure that everything I do, whether I paint or teach, is from the heart and from the heart!

Introduction, instructions for completing the course and a little homework. Let's tell you more about the scoring system. Bonus points can be spent on academy courses or at a Prize Fair.

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