Online Course Exhibition FROM SKETCH TO SERIES


This online exhibition is the result of the work of the participants of my course "From Sketch to series", which took place in August and September 2019. The aim of the course was to help participants translate their creativity into material, into a large format, learn to think in a series and go through a meaningful path from ideas and sketching to a clear result. I talked about the stages and algorithms, about the organization of the workplace, about the project and intuitive approach, about finding your own topics, about where to get fuel and inspiration, about materials, media and technologies, about how to build a process from start to finish and not quit, how to feel the big format and what role the body plays in this, and about many other important components of the creative process throughout its entire course. The participants were looking for topics that were important to them, developed them, analyzed them, tried, mastered new things, and I tried to prompt them, answer questions, but not to interfere too much and not impose my own.

That's why the works turned out to be so different: the group did not have common, top-down themes - it was a personal journey of everyone to their creative source, organized by me in steps and stages. Among the participants there are people with and without higher art education, some of them took my other courses, and some of them we met for the first time. It was easy for some, very difficult for some, but all the participants represented here reached the finish line, and I am proud of them. They shared a little bit of their thoughts about themselves and the process - if you click on the name, a photo of the author and his text will appear. The pictures themselves can also be viewed larger and in the correct format by clicking on them.

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