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You want to keep your health--

yourself and your children and loved ones. You know how stress affects the body and want to avoid its harmful effects.

You want to increase your energy level so that it would be enough not only for routine, household chores, but also for resourceful activities. On things that are important to you.

Appreciate your emotional state. Want to learn how to manage it effectively without succumbing to anxiety, panic and negativity.

Are focused on development. Want to transform your life in all areas from finances to relationships without wasting time through positive habits.
Right now we open the course in the format of a monthly subscription, where you do not pay for the entire program at once,
but you get 30 days of access.

In just 1 month, we'll cover 4 core modules and 1 bonus module, making visible progress in your health and recovery.

17 video lessons on the platform.

Access to general chat with Lilia Voronkova.

All materials, guides, checklists, presentations within the school.

Access to lessons for three months.

Praktiki Pro

Aigul Ahmetshina - School of beautiful posture and healthy back

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On our website you will find a variety of courses in different fields: language learning (German, Spanish, French and others), programming, professional development and much more.

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People talk about learning with us


Drazen Kukoc

Surprisingly, I never thought I would study online. But times are changing and I'm getting my second degree thanks to this platform. I've wanted to start learning programming for a long time! With I started my immersion into the world of different programming languages and I love it all!


Katia Felsmann

I have already taken several courses on Knowperfectly. I really liked "Life Plus Club" about health and beauty. The course is compact and not too long. The format is not stressful and sets you up for getting the knowledge you need quickly. And so it is. The classes were never boring, just the opposite - they were dynamic and engaging. The speakers helped to quickly master the material. Thank you for such an interesting course.


Andrea Fol

I was inspired to study by the idea of doing business. Everything I did before was non-digital, and for developing a new project I needed knowledge in the IT-sphere. This is where my paths with knowperfectly crossed. I would especially like to highlight the Internet Profession Club, where classes are conducted by a wonderful theoretician-practitioner, who tells what he himself has encountered and explains it in an easy-to-understand way. I would also note the homework assignments - a real practice with further analysis of mistakes with recommendations.


Eliana Paciulli

The psychology courses are really fascinating. The speaker from the module on needs, values and boundaries explains the material very clearly. I’d like to keep talking to her, listening to her, getting answers to the questions I am interested in


Elizbeth Smith

I am taking my 5th course on the platform so far. All courses are picked here with all responsibility and care. I've never had any problems with payment, refunds or access to my account with lessons and lectures. Thank you for such a useful source of knowledge


Niki Jai

Before becoming a homemaker and mother of two children, I worked as a web designer. The kids have grown up so there is more free time to spend. However, technology is evolving, so I had to learn Figma to get back into the profession. I am now a web designer again, just working as a freelancer for a few hours a day. Thank you knowperfectly!


Florian Martinez

I've recently finished a course on SEO. Loved it. What I valued were various excel templates with formulas, which would make the work easier in the future. I would point out the lecture about traffic planning as well. The materials were really useful

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professionals already with us

Join those who are already on their way to professional growth. Share your discoveries, exchange experiences, get inspired, feel the support of like-minded people!

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In the "Courses" section choose the course you need, then go to its page and click the "Buy" button. We accept Visa and Mastercard cards. All your data is safe, we provide a secure connection to the payment gateway.

This option is not available at the moment. You only pay once to get access to the selected course. There is no time limit on access to a course you paid for.

If you have signed up to the knowperfectly platform: log in to your account and make a payment for the course. After the payment it will be displayed in the "My Courses" section. Usually the course contains videos, presentations and homework.

If you have not signed up: after payment, check your email inbox. you will receive an email with the access. You will just need to log in from the email and start obtaining new knowledge. If needed, you can also get in touch with our support team by email

Please contact our support team at and we will help you with any issue you may have.

It all depends on the school you buy the course from. There are plenty of schools on our platform and their terms and conditions may differ. Therefore, it is better to clarify this question before starting the course.

The service support team solves any technical issues. Mentors and reviewers help participants during the learning process on the platform: they work on mistakes, explain and add to the course materials

Sure! To do this, you need to email the support team at, then we will send you a business proposal and help you to post your course on knowperfectly.